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In an effort to honor the incredible men and women serving in essential positions amid this pandemic, I'm offering the chance to have you or someone you love illustrated by me in a she/he series portrait style drawing.

This free portrait will be sent digitally for you to download, print, and keep. Please note, while I would love to draw everyone, I am unable to honor all requests. Individual submissions will be chosen at random.

You can find the instructions on how to submit your image for consideration below.

Thank you to all our front-line heroes for everything you do.

Photos must be a waist height profile of yourself in your uniform and should only show one side of your face.



If selected, your digital portrait will be emailed to you.


You may print your design for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited. Karen Hallion retains full copyright.

submission form

Upload Image

Thank you for your submission, if selected you will be contacted via email.

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50% of proceeds from all pandemic series collage sales will be donated to charity.

Rachel Holt

This is Rachel Holt, a Clinical Support Officer. "Clinical Support Officers work in the ambulance communication center to provide 'phone a friend' advice to crews when dealing with out of the box incidents. We also help manage regular patients with complex needs, and provide telemedicine assessment and referrals for members of the public. We aren't in physical contact with patients, so not required to mask -plus that would make speaking on the phone a real challenge!" Thank you Rachel!

ed print file
Stephanie Alillana

This is Stephanie Alillana, an Ophthalmic Assistant. "Being in Ophthalmology we’re those front line workers that not many know about or have heard of. A lot of people don’t know that we are still here caring for the health of the eyes, just like other health care providers. We’re here everyday for those who have diseases that are could cause patients to lose their vision/sight and we remain here to make sure that doesn’t happen." Thank you Stephanie!

Pandemic hero 6
Mat r print file
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