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  • Can I use your design as a tattoo?
    Absolutely! Please post a picture and tag me on social media so I can see how it turned out.
  • How do you draw copyrighted characters without getting sued?
    A lot of my work is licensed, through We Love Fine (Lucas, Marvel, Cartoon Network, Hasbro), and through Threadless(Disney). Other work falls under Parody/Fair Use.
  • When my shirt order will arrive?
    The ONLY printing/shipping I handle is my Etsy store. All the other sites that sell my work (Red Bubble, Threadless, etc) fufill orders themselves. Please contact the site you ordered from directly if there is an issue.
  • Do you have a Deviant Art/Tumblr/Pinterest/Instagram etc?
    Yep, I am EVERYWHERE. DeviantArt Pinterest Tumblr Instagram Twitter Facebook
  • How do I get one of your marker sketches? What materials do you use?
    Every few weeks, for fun, I do quick marker sketches. I don't take commissions or requests, and you cannot reserve any of them. I usually will post work-in-progress photos, and will let people know the approximate time they will go on sale. I sketch them in pencil on illustration board, ink them and color them with Copic pens and markers. I list them on Etsy for 30$ each. They sell out pretty quickly.
  • Will you donate art to my charity event?
    I get a lot of these, and I just can't do them all. I have adopted a policy of choosing charities to donate to myself. Sorry!
  • Can I interview you?
    Sure! Over email is best but occasionally I can arrange a Skype inteview. You can submit your inquiry here.
  • I am an artist, can you give me any advice?"
    I get this one a LOT, and I always try to answer when I can, though sometimes it takes a few days. It's been more than 15 years since I graduated from art school, and it has taken a lot of work for me to be able to make a living freelancing. Some of the things that have helped me, other than hard work and not giving up, are joining an artist's group and learning from the talented people there. Sub work to companies you want to work with, and when it gets rejected, do more work and sub it again. Just keep moving forward (advice from Walt Disney). Use social media. Learn the best way to use it, and USE IT. It's free advertising, and it works. Find artists you love, and study what they do, and learn from them. Take advice and critiques, ignore the haters. Draw what you love, not necessarily what you think will sell. Help out other artists when you can. For T-shirt artists in particular, here is a link to RIPT's blog that can help.
  • Will you share my art/page/photo etc. on your page? Share for a share?
    I'm very sorry, but I do not share posts on demand. Every week, I have dozens of people requesting that I share their posts, and it's become overwhelming. As a result, I have been forced to adopt a policy of sharing only the items I like as I come across them myself.
  • Is this your full time job?
    Yep. Crazy, huh? I used to be an elementary school art teacher, but I lost my job. Now, I freelance from home full time. I spend all day in my PJ's. :)
  • Did you go to art school?
    Yes, I got my B.F.A. in Illustration from Ringling School of Art and Design, in Sarasota, Fl.
  • Are you going to any conventions?
    Yes! Please check the appearances page for a list of my upcoming conventions and appearances.
  • Will you come to a convention in Australia, Canada, Kansas, Alderaan....?"
    Unfortunately travel is quite expensive and with two little boys at home, I have a limited amount of time to be on the road. But, please do not hesitate to contact your local convention organizer to see if they have room for additional invited guests, which can help cover some of the expense and may make it possible for me to attend.
  • What do you use to draw/paint with?
    Most of my work is digital these days. I use Photoshop CC and a Wacom Cintiq 21UX. I also use brushes I purchased from Ray Frenden. I love the organic inker one and set it at 50% opacity when I sketch. I also use the grease pencil when I sketch. When inking and coloring, I use the organic inker at 100%. Other than messing with the opacity and size, I don't change any other settings. In the past, when I have worked traditionally, I have used watercolors, acrylics, colored pencil, and tea. Lately, though, I have become addicted to Copic markers and ink pens. When I sketch, I use Prismacolor Turquoise, 2B and a kneaded eraser on either bristol paper, or illustration board.
  • Can you send me a high-res file so I can print your design on a shirt myself?
    Sorry, no.
  • Do you take commissions? Do you take requests? Suggestions? What are your rates?
    I am pretty booked, and can't take on any commissions right now, sorry! I actually get a little uncomfortable getting suggestions, because I don't want to take anyone else's ideas, and I have so many of my own right now, I am drawing as fast as I can to make them happen. Occasionally, though, I will post works in progress, and ask for input.
  • Why isn't the Doctor's hand reaching out of the Tardis in every Disney/Who design you do?
    I feel strongly that I do not want to show more of the Doctor than just his hand and sleeve. I want to leave it up to the viewer to decide which Doctor is in there, though for me, there is a clear choice. But, I am keeping that to myself. Spoilers! Anyway, sometimes, when the Tardis is at a different angle, I can't show the Doctor's hand without giving away more, so I keep the door shut. :D
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