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The She Series Corrections

Unfortunately, sometimes errors can slip through the cracks. Below is a list of corrections that were found after publishing The She Series book. We appreciate your support, and apologize for these mistakes.


The Elizabeth I quote is actually a quote from Elizabeth II.


Lena Sarsour's Birthday is March 20, 1994.

PAGE 167

Author Jamie Denbo's name is spelled incorrectly.

PAGE 193

Error in the third paragraph: "Born in 1938" should read "Born in 1838".

PAGE 209

Cheyanne Mumphrey's essay on Maya Angelou inadvertently was changed in the editing phase to reflect a political opinion that the Ms. Mumphrey did not herself express.  The original sentence reads "In spite of often being banned for its honest depictions of racism in America and Angelou's personal experiences as a victim of sexual abuse -- it is still read in classrooms across the United States today. " We regret this error and apologize to Ms. Mumphrey for the misrepresentation.  The sentence will be corrected in future reprints.

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